Protect Your Digital Asset with Digital Escrow

Aoto Trust ‘s escrow protects buyers and sellers by holding the buyer’s funds in an escrow account until the seller fulfils their obligations.

Get the flexibility to create an escrow on Aoto Trust’s dashboard or integrate it with your platform.

Buyer Protection

How Does Escrow work?

Send Escrow Request

Provide transaction details and send an escrow payment request to your vendor

Accept Request

Counterparty to create a AOTO BANK account and accept escrow payment request

Transfer Payment

Buyer to transfer the invoice amount, AOTO BANK will safeguard the funds until the service is delivered

Provide Document Proof

Vendor to provide proof of service delivery

Verifies Documents

AOTO BANK will check the documents against agreement

Payment Release

Once documents are verified, payment will be released and vendor will receive funds within 48 hours

API & Plugins

Enable card & local non-card options with one integration.

Payment Links

No integration? No problem.
Just input your buyer’s details and enjoy low FX rates & local payment methods made available in 80+ key markets.


Both buyers and sellers are protected with funds held in a third party escrow.
Payments are released only after orders are fulfilled.

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